Tuesday, May 6, 2008

St00pd Numb3rs and other random things.

So, here I am watching Numb3rs, and frickin' Larry busts out with Pascal's Wager. If you're not familiar with it, here's a nice example:

Really? That's your argument? *facepalm*

I shoulda expected it from him, metaphysical monk-loving wackjob that he is.

It's just annoying:

1) P's W assumes a single deity, and ignores the fact that there are a multitude of often opposing religions.

2) P's W assumes that god (or whatever) is too retarded to detect cynical insincerity.

3) P's W forgets that you do loose things, albeit to varying degrees, in any given religion. Time, logic, rationality, self determination, free will, a sense of personal freedom... and much, much more.

Damn it, if you're gonna make an argument, at least make a new one. Fail.

Yes... expecting originality from the t.v... I know. Silly me.

No, but really...

The boss is on vacation this week, so I'm super tired. Finally have a day off tomorrow, which I will use to rest and shoot things, maybe actually explore Liberty City.

Also, coming up next month, the bestest birthday outing evar: a great new exhibit is opening at the Exploratorium on my birthday! Win.

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The Amazon Princess said...

There's also a free Pirate Festival (like Faire, but no queen and more rum) in Vallejo that weekend too.

The Ben has totally taken over the GTA4, but do you and Aaron have Live? We should do that whole friends thing so we can go shoot people together. :-)