Friday, January 4, 2008


That was the sound that woke me up at around 5 in the morning, accompanied by an astonishingly bright red-magenta light shining through my window, despite the fact that my blinds were closed. The sound repeated itself twice more, the light white the second time and back to magenta-red the third. Alien? Ball lightening? The Invisible Pink Unicorn's Holy visitation?

Okay, it was just a power breaker or transformer of some sort arcing as a storm-blown tree fell into it. Lightening? I wondered. But what would make that noise? Fireworks, asked Aaron. It was the roommate that pegged it... he'd seen it before.

I reflected how this sort of thing could easily spark a more vivid and uneducated imagination, though. If it had coupled with, say, sleep paralysis, (something I experience in the warmer months) I can easily see it being a truly terrifying experience.

The thing is I'm certain that, once conscious, I'd never jump to the conclusion that it was aliens, or any other pseudo-scientific weird-ass phenomenon. Why? Well, something like that is just as likely in my mind as, say, leprechauns.

Which leads me to wonder why? How is it I am able to make a rational guess until I can learn the answer, while other people are immediately inclined to interpret things in extraordinarily unrealistic ways?

I don't know.

And maybe there's my answer. I'm okay with 'I don't know.' Admitting a lack of knowledge is more honest than any half-brained assertion, no matter how hopeful.

Alright, enough with my rainy-day musings. Good night.

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